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“Set of 4” Children’s Book Bundle & Save

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COLLECT all four books in the 2021 release of The Chronicles of Lumeria Series! “Chasing Pihkalo,  Lumerian Lun,  The Caves of Light,  and The North Star, The North Shell “

All books are 8.5″ x 8.5″ matte paperback cover.

Chasing Pihkalo

Never lose focus. Never lose heart.
Don’t be afraid of what lurks in the dark. You are the captain of your story through life.

An enlightening story of a little boy named Cole as he learns what it means to no longer be afraid of the dark. A metaphysical journey about the afterlife, spirit guides, and our loved ones in spirit who protect us and help guide us through life.

Pihkalo means peace.


Lumerian Lun

Lumeria is inside of you.

It’s inside of us all. An inspiring journey of rhythm and rhymes through the ancient land of Lumeria. Great for kids who are struggling with anxiety, bullying, or depression. Reconnect with the joy inside, and everything that makes you…YOU! You are unique and that is certainly no accident, the world needs you for a very special purpose!


The Caves of Light

A jubilant story that brings to life and gives bones to the description of a soul for readers young and old. Great for kids trying to understand emotions, empathy, death, and social emotional awareness. See the soul through the eyes of people and animals alike on this interactive journey through the caves of light!


The North Star, The North Shell

An encouraging story about following your heart and learning to trust your intuition. Just by taking a trip to the beach, and picking out a simple seashell, we see that we can begin to focus on our intuition and use it to guide us throughout life.

Making a wish or catching a dream is just the beginning, but follow your heart and anything is truly possible.


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